Why Facebook’s New “Close Friends” Feature is Brilliant

Facebook Close FriendsYesterday, I got invited by FB to indicate people whom I think of as “close friends.”  I already try to make Facebook only about people I at least have met in person, and I’ve turned subscriptions off to even some of them.  FB is my actual friends feed in that sense. But who can resist carving out a special place in your heart for your “close friends”?

So I thought, sure, I don’t want to miss updates from my close friends (and family); it’s a fact. I figured FB would just make sure they show up in my feed.  So I plunked stars down on several of them, even name-searched a few they didn’t suggest.  And I was off.

Not long after, though, I started getting notifications. I was like, What? Several people are suddenly mentioning me? So I opened the FB app on my phone only to find that, no, apparently one of the things “close friends” does is create notifications for all of their posts.

I was partly tempted to figure out how to turn it off, but I thought, maybe I’ll see how annoying it gets.  So far, it’s not annoying.  And not only that, I like it, because I really do want to see what these people post and not miss it.

FB has harnessed this power of heart and turned it into an effective tool to keep me coming back more regularly. Well played, Facebook, well played.