Review: Karvt iPad Mini Wood Skin

Karvt iPad Mini Bamboo SkinI was looking for something nice to complement my dark grey Smart Cover so that the back of my iPad mini would stay protected. I wanted something super light and minimal but classy, and after some searching around, I landed on the Karvt iPad Mini Bamboo wooden skin.

Interestingly enough, even though I ordered just the back, they sent me both. I just can’t dig having the wooden frame on the front though; seems a bit silly to me. To each his own.

It comes well packaged in two layers of strong cardboard, as well it should considering how much they charge for shipping. They brag on their envelope that they pride themselves in being easy to apply. I suppose compared to the full skins that involve pushing out the bubbles and such, it is. That said, it still takes a good eye and steady hand. I think mine isn’t quite aligned perfectly unfortunately. I think they could improve on this by including some sort of frame to put around the iPad that makes it foolproof. Reminds me of the CD stampers that do this for CD labeling.

Anyways, the skin itself is just about what I was going for aesthetically. The bamboo goes nicely with the aluminum and white, and it goes well with the grey Smart Cover I have. If I had a black iPad, I’d probably have gone with walnut, as I think it is classier, but it was too dark for the white, IMO. It feels like real bamboo (surprise!), and the edges are burned, I presume that is how they are cut. It probably serves the dual purpose of cutting and sealing. It looks better than nothing, but I think a thin aluminum border would be better.

I’m pretty happy with it, and time will tell how well it holds up against finger oils and the like. At least the Smart Cover protects some when you have it flipped around as I normally do. It doesn’t quite adhere/stick (with the magnet) as I feared it might, adding extra material between the two magnets, but it never held very well anyway. It holds well enough.

I can recommend it if this is the look you are going for. It is high quality for what it is; you just have to decide if having wood on your fancy device works for you.

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