Keep Hammering that Responsive Web Design Square Peg into the Round Good Design Hole

Seems like every day I see a new article talking about the challenges of Responsive Web Design. And tellingly, the discussion of the challenges appears to be more in the context of just basic Web sites, that is, more information oriented sites with relatively straightforward page-to-page navigation interactions. From an interaction design perspective, such solutions are comparatively simple, contrasted against your average application, which typically involves significantly more challenging interaction design problems–just for one device class.

I have speculated before that Responsive Web Design is a lie. While that is a bit of hyperbole, the reality is that the fundamental idea behind the RWD technique is flawed from a Design perspective. It is purely a pragmatic concession, and as you can see by the many pragmatic challenges to even rather basic solutions (information Web sites), not to mention the typical huge bloat it causes, one just has to wonder how long the industry will keep trying to pound that square peg into that round hole.

We can make ourselves bigger, stronger hammers. We can use bores to make the “hole” bigger, but at the end of the day, it’s just a flawed technique. You can’t get to a great experience with a one-size-fits all solution, and you can’t reasonably manage many customized experiences with a single code base. Oh, and that’s on top of the Web platform, a platform that is, at its best, still immature from an application platform perspective.

Call me a party pooper, but that’s the reality we are saddled with. I think we’d be better off focusing our energies on just making it easier to design and build awesome solutions for individual device classes at a time, and looking at more manageable ways to share sharable assets between device class solutions. There are tools today that help, but we are far from an ideal solution.  But at least that approach isn’t fundamentally flawed, i.e., it is possible we will get to a good solution. Not so with RWD.