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  1. Hello Sir my name is Saad. I read many of your article on USability Design etc. I have few question which make me confuse in my research.

    1. Why we need Usability in Agile Model when we are already dealing with Users and involving them in Agile Models?

    2. Some paper said in order to built a good or high usable software we need to integrate usability into agile model. My question before integrating usability in agile. no high usable software was developed ?

    3. If we don’t follow usability will it effect agile model and if we follow usability in agile model will it product any different effect.

    I shall be grateful if your reply me for my question.

    1. Hi Saad, will try to briefly answer. Your questions are kind of epic. 🙂

      1. Usability/UX/Design (hereafter referred to as Design, with a capital D) has its own set of methodologies, practices, tools, techniques, disciplines, etc. to discover the best design. Its goal is to discover the best design for any given problem. Agile is more focused on the best way to deliver software quickly to allow for rapid iteration. It is focused on how best to implement software, and less focused on the design of software.

      In that sense, the two are complementary–you can dream up great designs, but if you can’t deliver on them, what’s the point? Similarly, you can deliver software quickly, but if it isn’t well designed, what’s the point?

      2. The idea is not that you can’t create usable software without Design but rather that it is much more likely that you will create usable software if you incorporate Design.

      3. I feel pretty comfortable saying that if you ignore Design, you will at best product mediocre software. I’ve seen enough of it, and I can’t think of any instance I’ve seen that produced well-designed software that did not employ Design principles. The basic problem is that 1) technologists/developers are too unlike their users and typically lack both strong empathy as well as the time to effectively focus on human-oriented Design and 2) users lack both Design skill and sufficient knowledge of technology to help technologists/developers create great solutions for them. That’s where Design comes in–it bridges this gap in empathy and skill sets.

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